Best Sports Betting Odds in US 2023 Betting Odds Today

Best Sports Betting Odds in US 2023 Betting Odds Today

At Captain Gambling, we understand how important it is for you bettors to locate the finest betting odds. You must be able to compare the finest betting odds and understand which odds are most valuable.

There are numerous odds comparison sites that recommend the same providers, but many of these sites do not explain why the odds are so different. We will explain why odds comparison is so essential for finding the best betting odds and how to better comprehend odds.

Most essential factors to consider when comparing odds – Spend less effort and money


Profit by comparison – When placing wagers with multiple bookmakers, you are guaranteed to earn more money. The annual profit of the majority of bettors increases by 10 to 15% when they compare the finest betting odds.

Knowledge – Knowing how odds are calculated will save you a great deal of time searching for the correct website and give you a competitive advantage. Today’s betting odds adhere to the same formula as all other odds; they are calculated using in-depth knowledge of the game being wagered on.

Time economical – It is significantly easier to create multiple accounts on wagering odds websites. Thus, you can swiftly and efficiently switch between sites and wager.

Why do odds differ between bookmakers? – Profit margins and equity


As previously mentioned, the margin formula refines the odds and ensures that the finest sports betting odds are slightly lower than they should have been originally. The reason for this margin is that bookmakers must maintain a balanced ledger.


Offering the true odds will place the majority of bookmakers at a severe disadvantage and result in significant losses. Simply put, a bookmaker who provides accurate odds will soon go out of business. Consider, for instance, a website that provides probabilities of 2.0. This means that every time you win a $100 wager, you will have to pay out $200.


However, if a bookmaker offers 1.5, which is still generous, you will only earn $150, while the bookmaker has the chance to win $150 as well. The odds are balanced, giving both bettors and bookmakers a reasonable chance.


The most prevalent probability formats explained – Determine the format that best suits you.

Odds are presented in a variety of formats, depending on which odds comparison websites you visit. While it is beneficial to have a preferred odds format, the majority of the best wagering odds will be presented in all odds formats. You must have a comprehensive comprehension of all odds types, as you never know what to expect from certain bookmakers and the odds they employ. There are three primary odds systems used by the best betting odds sites, and having an intimate understanding of these odds and how to compare odds when the formats are different will make using the best betting apps and US online gambling sites simpler.


Popular and simple to comprehend are decimal odds.

The most common odds format, the decimal format, functions exactly as its name implies. In Canada and Europe, where decimal odds are favored, the majority of the finest betting odds use decimal odds. The sum of what you stand to win if you wager on a particular event or match is how decimal odds are expressed. It is the simplest odds format possible, as the payout is presented without any additional equations or formulas.


The payout is equal to the stake multiplied by the probabilities, if you win the wager. For example, suppose you just placed a wager on the UFC event featuring Dustin Poirer and Conor McGregor. If Dustin Poirer has odds of 1.9 and you wager $100 that he will win, you will receive $190.


These odds are also considered the best for accumulators (multiple bets placed at the same time), as it is simple to compute the total amount of your profit across multiple wagers. If you placed $100 on three separate fights, with the first having odds of 1.5, the second having odds of 1.3, and the third having odds of 1.9, you will win exactly $150, $130, and $190 on each bet, respectively.


fractional odds are conventional and effective

Traditional among odds formats, fractional odds are often referred to as “bookie odds” in reference to trackside wagering in the United Kingdom. The majority of the finest betting odds in the United Kingdom and Ireland are fractional odds. They are represented by fractions, and dividing these fractions will reveal your net profit from your wager.


In practice, they differ from decimal odds in that they do not display the wager, only the potential return. 2/1, 6/4, and 18/5 are some of the most common fractional odds. Therefore, 2/1 would signify odds of two against one; if you wager $100, you have the potential to win $200. And 6/4 would signify that a $100 wager would result in a $250 payout. …and so on. Consider the battle between McGregor and Poirer. Poirer might have a 1/2 chance to win, while McGregor would have a 2/1 chance.


This indicates that Poirer is the favorite, and a $100 wager will only yield a $50 profit. The odds were not the greatest, but at least the fight itself was exciting! Simply divide the fraction and add 1 to convert fractional odds to decimals. When 6 is divided by 4, and 1 is added, the resulting decimal odds are 2.5.


American odds – Profitable but dangerous

American odds are the most prevalent among bookmakers and sportsbooks in the United States. American odds are more difficult to elucidate, so you should have a solid foundation before delving into them. If the percentages are negative, your figure will be a negative number, indicating how much money must be wagered to win $100.


For instance, if you have negative odds of -150, you must wager $150 in order to gain $100. Alternatively, if the odds are positive, your figure will be positive, indicating how much money can be gained from a $100 wager. With quoted odds of +250, a $100 wager will result in a payout of $250.


Therefore, let’s return to McGregor and Poirer. Having established that Poirer was the favorite, let’s assume he has odds of -120. As the underdog, McGregor would have odds of +190. That means a $100 wager on McGregor would have yielded a $190 return. To win $100, however, you would have to wager $120 on Poirer. Keep in mind that you do not need to wager $100 on every wager, and you may even be able to find the finest sports betting deals.


Learn the most essential formula for calculating the expected value

Expected value, or EV, is a formula that determines how much on average we can win per wager. It is the most valuable formula you can know when it comes to the best wagering odds, so take notes on how to make the most profit using EV on a consistent basis. In formula form, it appears as follows:


(Win Probability) x (Amount Won per Bet) – (Loss Probability) x (Amount Lost per Bet)


Let’s give you a visual example. Suppose you desired to place multiple identical wagers on NFL contests. If you were wagering on the Minnesota Vikings versus the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Vikings had odds of 1.5 while the Bengals had odds of 2.55, you might consider placing a $10 wager on the Bengals. Therefore, to calculate the probability of victory, divide 1 by 2.55. This gives you a 0.39 percent chance of the Bengals winning and a 0.66 percent chance of the Vikings winning. Thus, the formula would appear as follows:


(0.39) x ($25.5) – (0.66) x ($6.60) = $5.59


Therefore, $5.59 is the average amount you can anticipate to win across multiple wagers at different bookmaker odds.


Why loyalty does not always pay off – Mix and match to your advantage


Simply put, your betting requirements and experience will always evolve. You cannot rely on a single bookmaker to provide everything you require for every sport on which you wish to wager, so you should shop around for the finest betting odds that correspond to the game on which you wish to wager. If you’re betting on a future event, you should act quickly if you see an opportunity, as the odds will likely alter by tomorrow. Take, for example, Betfred and Ladbrokes.


Betfred offers a promotion on soccer where they will double your odds if a player you bet on scores twice and treble your odds if they score three times. However, Ladbrokes will merely double your odds if he scores within the first quarter-hour. It depends on the level of specificity desired and individual preferences.


Increases your options

Using a site that compares odds and multiple bookmakers will greatly improve your chances of winning with the greatest betting odds. A significant reason for this is that you do not have to wager on specific probabilities. Suppose you are wagering on the Vikings-Bengals NFL matchup.


Rather than staying with a single bookmaker and attempting to predict whether a specific player will score before halftime, you could bet on the same team with three separate bookmakers. You can generate a larger profit by utilizing the best wagering odds across three sites, as opposed to focusing on the most difficult wagers.


Helps you investigate less apparent wagers

Utilizing multiple bookmakers with the best betting odds affords you some flexibility across a variety of sports. This allows you to wager on less popular events or players without risking your entire stack. For instance, consider the Poirer/McGregor card. You could wager on McGregor, or you could wager on Sean O’Malley or another undercard fighter with excellent odds at another bookmaker.

Conclusion – You have access to the finest betting odds available.


To conclude, there are numerous bookmakers with the finest betting odds available worldwide. Due to the abundance of betting odds websites offering vastly different odds, you can alter sites from game to game based on your preferences. You can depend on your EV formula to ensure a consistent profit across odds comparison websites. You are also able to wager on less popular events with unknown but excellent odds. What are you waiting for, then? Search the Internet for the greatest betting odds!






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